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Travel time: Sept.1999, Sept.2000, Oct.2001.
Updated: Nov. 2001.

Bangladesh is a country with economical problems. Especially in the capital Dhaka you will see a lot of homeless children, disabled beggars, unemployed but less at countryside.

Because of less tourism you can get local prices if you know the correct price and how to bargain. Touts are nearly unknown. They are only found in front of your hotel! Some will follow you only a few meters but others hang on you by hours chewing off your ear with poor stories.

If you take a bus to destinations outside the city be prepared for a exciting ride. Be sure to get a seat in the middle because a lot of accidents happen and mostly the front side is damaged sometimes up to the fifths row.

Sometimes Sunday is strike day and nobody works. No bus, no taxi and only a few rickshaws are busy. Also most of shops are closed. Stay away from demonstrations (known as hartals) because some people are running mad and throw bombs or shoot. If you have to travel from the hotel to the airport for instance at that day call an ambulance (no joke). The price is approximately four times higher than a taxi but it works and no one will stop you when driving with emergency signal.

Dhaka   River crossing   Terrific traffic   New Market   Shoeshine boys
It's crowded, noisy, dusty and dirty. Traffic jam is wellknown most hours at day.

(99) The Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, Tel.: 00880-2-863391, is first class and has international standard. A single room will cost 168 USD per day. Very nice breakfast buffet is 11 USD extra. They have a fair pool (app. 15 meter) and a tennis court. A helpful travel agency is just round the corner on the same plot.

(01) Nearby is the Sunderban Hotel at Sonargaon Road, Tel: 880-2-9665050, Fax: 800-2-863341. Clean deluxe single rooms with van, air-con, TV, own bathroom and some with fridge but no minibar is 40USD. Friendly stuff and no elevator at blackout. Map

Also at Sonargaon road is the Eastern Plaza shopping center. It is quite new and modern. In the five floor building are cosmetics, clothes, handcrafts, shoes, electronic and pirated audio/software CDs starting at 100TK for software up to 130 for video-CD's. I missed only the aircon and a foodcourt.
Therfore you can find the La Luna Restaurant at the first floor serving delicious thai, szuchaun and vietnamese food starting around 120TK for curry. Tel.: 8616422 . Open daily from noon to 3PM and 6PM to 10PM.

At the New Market down Mirpur Road is everything available. Books for students including computer, medicinal or worldly litherature, hardware, clothes, ... and the most impressive beggars I ever have seen.

A soft drink at the street is 15 TK and a good meal in a basic local restaurant 60 TK.

Rickshaws are every where available and will cost 20 TK half an hour ride but they are not allowed to drive on the main streets. The polluting, noisy threeweels costs four times more.

At Zahir Rai Han Road is Banga Bazaar where you can get cheap clothes. Good quality trousers starting 140 Taka up to 350 TK for Levis Jeans, shirts 120 TK, belts 90 TK. Under the rooftop are hundreds of tailors. It's very impressive.

The area between Zahir Rai Han Road and Sadar Ghat is worth a visit. Walk around and discover the old town with bazaars, old buildings and the busy center of the city.

For Sadar Ghat at Buriganga River every one has to pay 2 TK at the entrance. It's crowded and very scenic. River crossing is 5 TK per boat!

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