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Pafos , Pedoulas , Nicosia , Larnaca

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Travel time: May and July 99.

A good time to visit Cyprus is May because the weather is nice, it´s not too hot and not so crowded like in high season but the water is a little chilly. Most given prices are related to May.

Cyprus is special for cycling if you avoid the main roads. Most of the streets are in rather good conditions but in the mountains you have a lot dirt roads If you want to cycle around the island you have two possibilities: If you cycle clockwise you have the wind against you most of the time and a hard but short climb up the mountains. From the top you have a long and pleasure ride down to Nicosia for instance. Counterclockwise a long way up the mountains but wind from behind at the cost line from Pafos to Agia Napa.

If you plan to cycle it´s good idea to bring your own bike with you. Most airlines charge for sport gear only a few Dollars more. Mount new tires and bring one spare tube at least. Helmet and a first aid kit is naturally.

Rental cars are 8-24 CP per day including all.

English is no problem.

Try the Halomy cheese.

The Trianon Guest House in the old center is cheap, basic and noisy. A dormitory with nice balcony is 6 CP per person. Just round the corner is a cheap kebab snack bar were you can get full meal with a beer for 2 CP.

Coral Beach which is located 12 km west has nice sand beach but also crowds of tourists.

From here to Pedoulas it´s a long (100 km) but very scenic ride. From here to Kannaviou lead a good road. To Stavros Ranger Station were you can get basic food and further up is off road From the top it´s a long pleasure ride on a new paved road down to the crossroad and a climb up to Kykkou followed by a lot of up and down to Pedoulas.

At the Mountain Rose Hotel you can get a clean single room with own shower and breakfast for 8 CP.

Pedoulas is located high in the mountains. Quiet, peaceful in the off season and very impressive area. The old center is very nice and a lot of swallows nests at the big white cathedral. You can get lost here by watching the birds in May when the brood is ready for "take off" especially at dusk.

Nearby the cathedral is a good restaurant with terrace where you can wait for a good dinner by watching the birds flying crazy.

At first you have a long steep ride down from Pedoulas to Nicosia with some short climbs. After leaving the mountains behind you have a flat good ride to Nicosia passing some small villages where you can stock up.


At "Tony", 13 Solon Str. near the tourist information, Tel. 02-666752, you can get small single rooms with breakfast at the rooftop and shared shower for 11CP. More comfortable rooms are also available.

Try the small basic restaurant for cheap local food (2CP) at Leoforos Kostaki Pantelidi Street near the Delphi Hotel.

At Voufavento No. 2, Kaimakli, Tel: 02-347624, is a very nice coffee bar in a relaxing park area. The owner is a well-known artist and the stuff is friendly and speaks English as well as Russian. Map , Pic

To visit the occupied Turkish part you need a passport. That´s all. Fill out some forms and maybe pay some (May: 3.5CP, July: non). The border is open every day from 7 am up to 5 pm. From the border walk down the street along the wall at your right side about 1 km. After a small park area you can pass a gate into the old city. In the middle of this gate is a helpful tourist information where you can get maps for free. Near the bazaar is good shopping for copied clothes and good restaurants.

From Nicosia to Larnaca you have to ride a busy road about 5 km. You have to cycle a short on the highway till you reach the crossroad to Agia. From here it´s a pleasure rid on good roads to Larnaca. You might have to use the highway again short before you reach Larnaca (Shortcut to the center).

At the airport is no tourist information outside the baggage claim at arrival area. Get free maps of any large city's are available here.

The taxi from the airport to any destination in Larnaca is 3 CP. Fix price.

A service taxi (collectivo) to Nicosia is 2.10-2.50 CP one way per person.

Harry´s Inn has nice atmosphere, a small lockable counter yard within reach from the street (also good for motorbikes), located at 2, Thermopylon Str., 6022 Larnaca, Tel. 04-654453. It´s just 100 meters from the tourist information and 200 meters from the beach. Single room with shared shower is 8-9 CP. Map

Petrou Bros has nice apartments with own cooking facility's, shower and balcony. Single room is 14-22 CP. Parking space, family rooms, AC, TV, laundry, save box and breakfast are additional available. It´s located near Harry´s Inn: 1, Armenikis Eklisias Str., P.O.Box 40818, 6022 Larnaca, Tel. 04-655122, Map

There are some very nice fish restaurants 2 km west from the center at the fishing harbor.

The saltlake nearby is worth a visit.

In the village Pyla which is located 15 km northeast of Larnaca and situated in the UN buffer zone you can discover how Greek and Turkish people live peaceful together. It´s also good for a lunch break

From here to the airport it´s only 12 km.

The road to Pafos at the coastline is going up and down that you wish to ride on the nearby high way.

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