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Road bike training camp in Riccione

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Travel time: March 2005.

To get a little more stamina at the beginning of the bike season, we decided to travel to Italy for a nice biking week. After searching different bike magazines and web sites we where more confused than before to whom we want to spend the money. At the end, we made the right decision:

The Hotel Milano Helvetia offers functional rooms (small) with own bath room (tiny) with shower. Even the bads where smaller than common but the mattress where good. Aircon, TV set, telephone where present. The pool was not filled with water because of the beginning of the season and the breakfast could have a wider range. Ok, sounds not not very preferable but: The after tour buffet was unbeatable, the three course dinner absolute delicious including wine, the stuff very helpful, the massage perfect (extra 54€ per hour) and the really nice guide Lucca without any discussion. We loved it.

The Hotel is located in the second row to the beach and rooms to the west side are more quiet than the east on towards the road. The bike can be stored in a locked room but no mechanic is present. Better to bring the own tools. Address: Hotel Milano Helvetia, Via Milano 2, 47838 Riccione, Tel. 0541 605410. More details at: www.hotelmilano.net .

Lucca, our guide, was perfect. He where starting with slow speed to accumulate. Later he where increasing the speed. A few days later, some less powerful customer joined our group and he really pushed one of them over the ridges where we already where waiting. That was a busy time for him, but he never complained about. We where starting at 10 AM every day and the ride was between 2 (heavy raining) and 5 hours with 500 to 1500 hm depending on the wether and an average speed of 25 km/h. Mostly we made a stop at some nice coffee bar at lunch time. More details at: www.provincia.rimini.it.

Bike shop:
Close by are different bike shops, offering good quality for reasonable prices:

- Cicli Boghetta, Viale Pascoli 64, 47814 Bellaria, Tel. +39.0541.340153, www.cicli-boghetta.com.

- TeknoBike, S.S. Adriatica 55, 47838 Riccione, Tel. 0541.607773. Offers a wide range of spare parts and is only 5 minutes away from the hotel by car.


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