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Georgetown , Cameron Highlands , Kuala Lumpur , Melaka

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Travel time: July and November 98

Malaysia has a good infrastructure on the west side but the east part has much more to discover.

There is no direct link by ferry between the mainland or Singapore and Borneo/Sarawak. You can travel from Singapore to Sarawak by "island hopping" with ferry or by plane.

Stay at the DīBudget Hostel. Itīs cheap (7 RM for the dorm), secure and clean. You can rent a scooter here for 20 RM per day. Nearby is a good food market at the waterfront near the yacht club.

In the off season (October to December and January to April) you can get up to 70% discount at he tourist hotels at the northwest beach side. A double room in a 3/4-star hotel with seaview and breakfast is about 90 to 130 RM. Water activities like banana-riding or jetscooter is 15 RM.

The snake temple is not worth a visit. The butterfly farm charge you 10 RM. The view from the Penang Hill is very nice especially by night.

If you touch an burning jellyfish donīt panic! Itīs painful but swim slowly to the beach, take a cool shower and if the staff has no medicine against it urinate over the affected part! After 30 min. you can wash it away with cold water (no soap!).
Let it dry on air if it will weep but keep it away from sun.

A tourist bus to the Cameron Highlands is available for 15 RM at 8 am every day.

Cameron Highlands
Stay at Holiday Inn in Tanah Rata. A dorm cost 6 RM. Itīs silent here with a nice garden and friendly staff.

The jungle walks are nice but the jungle is not as thick as in the lowlands.

A bus to KL is available at 8.30 am every day for 10 RM.

Kuala Lumpur
From the KLIA airport to the town is about 70 kilometers. Itīs 80RM for an ordinary taxi and 120RM for upper class. If you have booked a hotel in advance there should by a free transfer (as example to Concord Hotel).

The Concord Hotel (4 stars) will charge for a single room with breakfast buffet 180 RM. It includes one dinner worth 38RM. Pool and gym are free of charge. Nearby is the Hard Rock Cafe witch charge for one beer 20RM.

The Travelerīs Moon Lodge is cheap (dorm for 8 RM) but very rundown (China town, near bus terminal). They offer laundry service if you come early enough.

Taxi cost 2RM for the first 2 kilometers and 0.8RM for the next. Car rental is possible for 120RM per day (Proton Wiga).

You have a nice view over the city from the TV-Tower (6 RM for students) and also the bird park is worth a visit.

The Saturday night market is worth a visit. Itīs near Sugo Plaza and has better prices than the daily Chinese market near the bus terminal if you donīt know how to bargain.

To Melaka are several busses a day leaving from the bus terminal for 6,50 RM.

The Travelerīs Hostel is nice, cheap and familiar.

The town has nice old buildings to discover. Ask at the tourist information office for a free map. The sound and light show has nice illumination but bad sound. They have one show in Malay and later (8 pm) one in English.

The first bus from the bus terminal to Singapore is leaving at 8 am for 10 RM.

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