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Travel time: November 2005.

After reading the nice report from ( we flue to Lisbon.

All GPS-Data given at WGS84. Download all recommended places as MapSource-File: Download (gdb, 1kb)

The **Pensao Ninho das Aguias has clean rooms. It is located below the Castelo de Sao Jorge and has a wonderful terrace with view over the city. Quiet and unique. Room charge is 25 to 35 Euro per person without breakfast. Even I do not know it breakfast is available. Just 100 meters down the road is a coffee bar where breakfast is possible. The Pensao is located at Costa do Castelo 74, 1100-179 Lisboa, Tel. 21 885 40 70. Very recommendable.

The Castelo de Sao Jorge is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM and costs 3 Euro. It has some nice viewpoints.

The metal elevator in the middle of the city is very scenic and offers a good view from its top where a small coffee bar is located. 2.60 Euro for the round trip.

Everyone was telling us, how dangerous a trip with the tram line 28 will be. The one we took was almost empty and no thief visible. In peak season, take care.

The Docas offers a wide range of different restaurant. Only the noise from the bridge is somehow annoying.

If you want a English speaking tour guide, call Peter Feijao at Tel. 964 054 782. He also has a limousine service

It is common in most restaurants to place some side dishes on the table which where not ordered. Do not accept them when you don´t like them. Otherwise you have to pay them.

One of the most recommendable Fado-Restaurants is the Sr. Vinho at the Rua do meio a Lapa 18, Tel. 21 397 26 81, open daily from 8 PM to 2 AM. Reservation is necessary. 23 Euro minimum consumption. More information at

Absolutely not recommendable are the Fado-Restaurants at Rua de S. Pedro at Alfama like the restaurant Maria da Fonte. Terrible Fado and food. 15 Euro minimum consumption.

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