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Travel time: July 98.

Only what definitely is allowed is not forbidden.

At Leeīs Traveler Club a dorm with aircon will cost you 9 S$. With van itīs 1 S$ cheaper. The beds are dirty and full of bloodthirsty animals.

Carry some pocket money with you if you use the busses here because they have no change.

In the moment there is no more 24-h-GPO. The only possibility to send or receive fax is the post office at Robinson Rd. Branch 71, fax-no.: 0065-2257785, opened Mo.- Fri. 7am to 7 pm, Sat. 7 am to 2 pm. Till end of this year they will open a new 24-h-GPO but donīt count on it.

I sent one parcel with electronics from Singapore to Germany by seamail which reached itīs destination after five month.

The best place to buy electronics is the Sim Lim Tower but you should know the exact price at your country.

You have a good view above the city from Mt. Faber early at morning or by night. Itīs a nice place for a sunset party. From here you can catch a cable car to Santosa Island (6 S$ return).

Santosa Island is an amusement park. Sometimes the combined ticket will cost you 30 S$ which includes free entrance for all attractions. A great bathing joy is Fantasy Island on Santosa. Take your swimsuit with you. The musical fountain at night is worth a visit. You can also ride the monorail and bus for free on the island.

You can get a flight to Hong Kong with China-Air for 370 S$ return.

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