Travel information from 1998 - 2016

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Dec.99   Argentina   Wild nature
Apr.12   Australia   Spirit of Freedom
Oct.01 Bangladesh   Dusty Dhaka
Dec.02 Brazil   Jungle & beaches
Nov.00 Burkina Faso   Tear gas
Jan.11 Cambodia   Ruins & beaches (updated)
Jan.00 Chile   Stretched country
Dec.09 China   Construction site Shanghai
Mar.16 Cuba   Discover the pervious time
Jul.99 Cyprus   MTB No.1
Nov.00 Gambia   Sabena´s choise
May.02 Gran Canaria   MTB No.2
Feb.03 HongKong   Shoppers paradise
Mar.07 India   Love it or hate it
Jan.04 Iran   The land of kindness
Mar.05 Italy   Road biking
Feb.03 Korea south   Business trip in Kimchi country
Dec.09 La Palma   MTB No. XXXL
Jan.11 Laos   Caving & tubing fun
Nov.98 Malaysia   Something for everybody
Jan.12 Maldives   Diving paradis
Nov.00 Mali   Not that easy
Apr.08 Mallorca   MTB & RR No. 3, 5, 6
May 98 Myanmar   With mixed feelings
Apr.98 Nepal   Search for the unbeaten trek
Mar.98 Pakistan   Be prepared for the power
Dec.02 Peru   Too many highlights
Jul.12 Philippines   Waterworld
Nov. 05 Portugal   Lisbon
Feb.02 Russia   Discover the dimension
Nov.00 Senegal   Stopover Dakar
Jul.98 Singapore   Asian NewYork
May.12 South Africa   Wild Animals
Jul. 04 Spain   Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
Aug.02 Tenerife   MTB No. 4
Mar.07 Thailand   Diving experience
Feb.03 Turkey   The gate to Middle East
Feb.11 Vietnam   Halong Bay, sandy beaches & ancient cities

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